Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pool Party

Some living areas have community pools and clubhouses. We've never really had close enough neighbors to feel like we're in a neighborhood. But this spring Nick and Brittany Popp and their baby Naomi, friends from church, bought and moved into the old church building across the parking lot from us. Shortly after that, the Martin family moved into the old parsonage/nursery building for a while. They also have a baby. Instant neighborhood! So now that we have a "neighborhood"...these are our community pools! We had a little neighborhood pool party back in early June. Thankfully, we had a big kid noisy/splashing pool and a baby pool where the babies could sit a good distance away from all the hilarity going on at the other end of the deck.

The babies weren't quite sure what to do with the bubbles all over the pool...or the 3 big kids zooming back and forth spraying water all over the deck!