Sunday, May 08, 2011

Shadow dancing

Our most recent homeschool book, Friends, had some neat shadows in the illustrations. So our curriculum suggested doing some exploration with lights and shadows. I started thinking about getting set up for this inside with lamps, flashlights and tracing silhouettes on the wall etc. Then I realized that IT WAS ACTUALLY SUNNY OUTSIDE (a rare event in Petersburg during the spring!). So we headed outside with some friends and a bunch of silly hats. The following set of photos is what resulted...

The multi-armed Smith monster

Lizzie and Kate...and their camera!
I like the hands in this picture.
A little bridge
Lizzie and Kate
A little ballet from Kate:
Another silly monster

A little break for swinging
Mr. T tries out a construction hat:
Silly O Boy
A lion hat adds an interesting touch!

Mr. T's pyramid
A Thompson alien creature
Mr. T tries out some bunny ears:
Of course, O Boy strikes a soldier pose:

Another fun resource on this topic is the song, "Shadow Dancing" off the Greg and Steve Kids in Motion cd. This cd is packed full of totally fun movement songs. I bought it to try and get my kids moving more while singing and we love pretty much every song on the cd. I've used several of them for our homeschool PE class.

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