Sunday, May 08, 2011

O Boy's Exploits

Here are two things that O Boy has done recently that I wanted to make sure and commemorate on our blog.
The first is a set of nametags. A few weeks ago he decided that he needed to make nametags for himself and his siblings. So on his own he sounded out how he thought their names would be spelled. Then he punched holes in the nametags, had me help him tie some string to each and then taped them up to either a bed or door. Very clever! Now Mr. T will never mix up his bed with O Boy's and the Little Sweetie will always know which room is hers by the sign on the door.

This says, "Luh-nay-uh"
This is a Lincoln Log cabin that he built at Grandma Alice's house with just a tiny bit of help from her. She said he worked on it for almost two hours. Pretty impressive!

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