Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More charting

So we've done bar graphs and line graphs but I couldn't figure out how to do pie charts without first gathering the data and then days later putting it all into a pie chart (I wanted to do a pie chart collecting data on the weather). I also couldn't figure out how to make a pie chart on the computer! Finally I decided we'd just take data on two different kinds of weather, rather than using a lot of different variables. And I found a great pie chart online that I "traced" using the drawing tools in Microsoft Word. This has been a really easy way to meet Mr. T's "scribbling" goal and remains still very challenging for him. The boys alternate filling in the pie chart every other day. After coloring in their slice they also have to write either the letter S or C, as you can see. It's kind of nice to have them up when we hit a run of cloudy days. It helps me to remember that, yes, we will have a string of sunny days again sometime soon!

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