Monday, May 09, 2011

Homeschool art class: butterflies

Some kung-fu lessons from Rowan before we started art class.
Andrea had cut out the coffee filters into butterfly wing shapes and so all we had to do was completely fill them with color (using washable markers). You can also do this with watercolor or drop colored water onto coffee filters. I like to do this project in the winter. We color filters with the kids and then cut them into colorful snowflakes.
Dropping water (using a baster) onto the wings. The colors blend and bleed into each other.

We also made contact and tissue paper butterflies to hang on the window. They look a little like stained glass.
Here are two of our final coffee filter butterflies. O Boy decided to make his wings red and green striped, and then to add red and green antennae. He calls it the Christmas butterfly.

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