Monday, May 09, 2011

Friends unit: planting

During this past unit we talked a bit about life cycles of frogs, butterflies and plants. I thought about trying to come up with a way for them to see the structure of the plant as it grows instead of just looking at pictures. In a science activities book I have I found a picture of a "viewing planter" that was made with Saran wrap and milk cartons and looked a bit messy and complicated. Then I realized we could do the same thing, just in clear glass glasses. So we did and it's been one of their favorite things in this unit to check in daily on the progress of their plants!

Adding soil.
Watering the seed. I had them shove the seeds down along the side of the glass so that we could see it as it developed.
No progress yet!

The final product! Pretty cool!
I grew two kinds so that they could see how the different plants developed at different rates.

Now, without prompting, O Boy has been drawing pictures of plants that look like this:
He's got the whole setup: WORMS, roots, stem, leaves, bud, sun, watering can!

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