Monday, May 09, 2011

Friends unit: marble painting

Since we've been talking about blending colors during this unit I thought I'd revisit an old activity that I first did in college and I've loved ever since. It's also a great hand control/hand strengthening activity to do. And most importantly, it's just plain fun.

To set up I got out cake pans for the kids and used paper plates or paper that fit into the pans.
This day I wanted them to see what happens when you blend red and yellow together so we just used those two colors. I also collected a variety of interesting balls of various sizes. Bouncy balls were a bit tricky to use because they are so light and tended to roll out of the pans...and then across our kitchen floor. They left fascinating lines all over our kitchen floor (until I wiped them up). I think it would be really fun to do this on a big area like a kitchen floor but I haven't gotten up the guts to do it yet. That would require some serious cleanup!
I would pour a glob of paint into their pans, they would pick some balls to drop in and then roll away!
I thought this ball did the coolest things.

Then we were left with all these papers with really cool textures and colors on them...but what to do with them? So after some thought, I decided to cut them up into petals and have the kids make flowers out of them. They created the flowers; I laid contact paper over them and stuck them on the windows. Very pretty! I'd love to do this with other colors sometime.

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