Saturday, May 07, 2011

First Game for the Mighty Muckdogs

There was great excitement in our house today.
It was the day of the first game for the Muckdogs t-ball team!

Here are the boys all suited up and ready for the big event:
This was the team getting pointers from their coach on what to expect at the (freezing cold) opening ceremonies.
Slugger Mr. T!
His hat was so big he held onto it the entire way around the bases as he ran.
O Boy makes a great hit. I love the expression on the coach's face in this shot.
You can see his reaction to the hit!
Another one of O Boy's times at bat:

Time to chat on 1st base.

O Boy makes it home:

Here's Mr. T holding onto the batting helmet as he gets ready to come home. I'm so thankful to live in a place where our ballfields are in such an amazingly beautiful setting. Pretty incredible to look out beyond the field and see snowcapped mountains all around!
The mushroom (my thoughts on what he looks like!) runs for home.

Mr. T runs for home:

Mr. T making sandcastles in centerfield.
O Boy excited to head out to play 2nd base.
Hanging out at 2nd.
Mr. T on 1st, with lots of help from his coach and coach's assistant.
Coach Matt reminding him yet again, "Run back to the base, Mr. T!"
Everyone yelling, "Throw it to Mr. T!"
My favorite shot of the day (unfortunate that it was blurry): in this picture you will see the batter, having caught up with the ball he hit, graciously picking it up and handing it to Mr. T (the 1st baseman). I think they both made it to 1st base around the same time. But of course no one got out. Gotta love t-ball!
Thumbs up and ready for the next play!
Mr. T fielding the ball. He really doesn't have much use for his glove and only picks up the ball with his hand. But he thinks the glove is incredibly cool and loves to wear it.
O Boy making a great play at 2nd.
Mr. T being reminded to "Touch the base after you get the ball!"
Good game Mudcats! Goooooooooooooo Muckdogs!

O Boy's commentary on the Big Game:

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