Monday, April 04, 2011


I don't often take pictures of some of the things I have out for the Little Sweetie to do for several reasons. The first is that she often completely ignores the things I set out and just follows the boys around and does something either with them or right next to them using whatever they are using (pattern blocks, coloring etc.). And another reason is that even when she does get out some of the fun things I've put out for her, she plays with them so quickly and is on to the next thing before I can even snap a shot. !

This ended up being the one thing she did actually enjoy doing during our last unit. I took our Floam type stuff and stuck coffee stirring straws in it. Then I sorted out some of our buttons which had big enough holes to slide down over the straws. Then we'd slide the buttons on the straws! Sometimes I did it with her but more often than not she told me very clearly that she wanted to do it "by Nea's self!" She even went so far as to remove some of the buttons that I'd put on!

But this has to be one of her favorite activities during our "school" times: going into the upstairs storage area and rooting through the box of shoes which are too big for her. She then pulls out all sorts of different shoes, tries them on and parades around in them (usually falling over several times in the process). She loves pretty shoes!

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