Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Low tide treasures

Yesterday morning we had the perfect combination of a very low tide and beautiful weather. So we headed out with a few friends to see what treasures we could discover.

Saggy, baggy sea anemones. O Boy thought these were pretty funny!
The Little Sweetie loved to look at things, but wasn't too excited about touching or holding much.
2 pretty girls
An eel!
O Boy was pretty interested in everything that Cole did and followed him around a lot.
Here Cole is showing him an eel he'd just found.
Still no touching!
But THIS is just her size! A baby starfish just for the Little Sweetie!

An Irish Lord and lots of Alaskan boots!
2 good buddies on the beach
Inspecting a few more eels Cole found
Walking on the water with Cole
Beach combing with Cole
A tiny crab and a crab with a HUGE clutch of eggs

Getting some sea life lessons from Teacher Tanesa

And finally...O Boy's own eels! Just before we left he came up to me and proudly showed off two eels he'd found himself! As we were heading back to the car he said something like, "Those eels sure had a hard time hiding from Cole and ME!" :-) :-)

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