Monday, April 04, 2011

Homeschool PE class

This last PE class we did a variety of sort of unrelated things. Of course we started off playing Pie Eater, which is turning out to be one of their favorite games. With one person in the middle as the pie eater, everyone else divides into two groups on either side of the room. They are the pieces of pie! The pieces of pie yell at the pie eater, "Pie Eater! Pie Eater! Are you hungry?" When he (or she) says "Yes!" the pieces of pie have to run from one side of the room to the other without being tagged (eaten) by the pie eater. If they get tagged, they become a pie eater too.

Another thing we did was musical chairs where no one gets out. In this version chairs are scattered all around. The players are told what they have to do in relation to the chairs (get under one, touch one with your elbow, etc.) when the music stops. Then everyone strolls around the room while the music is playing and runs to a chair to perform the assigned action as soon as the music stops. This is really great for imitation and spacial awareness.

The day before PE class O Boy worked very hard organizing his siblings into a major magic show, with him copying Mumford the Magnificent from Sesame Street. The magic word was always "A-la peanut butter sandwiches!" whenever he did a trick. So I thought we'd duplicate that in PE class and have everyone take a turn as the magician. They all got to pick what to turn us into and then we performed the actions. It was pretty silly! Mr. T of course chose to turn everyone into the BIGGEST MONSTER TRUCKS IN THE WORLD.

We also read through and acted out one of our favorite books, Clap Your Hands (see picture below). It has also sorts of fun actions to imitate and it was a great transition activity.

The last thing we did was rotate through several catching/throwing/hitting stations. We're looking ahead to t-ball starting up in a few weeks so I wanted to give the kids some practice with all these skills. They had to toss and catch our amazing holey ball (which is made to help kids learn to catch more easily), hit a balloon and then catch the balloon, hit a ball off a tee and then toss several balls through a hoop. They were pretty tired out by the end!

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