Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Homeschool field trip: Mr. Ty's construction site

I've thought about doing a field to some sort of construction site for a while now but couldn't really figure out an answer to why or when. Then we started our 3 pigs unit...all about 3 builder pigs! I also found out that one of our favorite local builders, Mr. Ty (a friend from church), is in the middle of remodeling "Grandma" Kathy's (another friend from church) home. So I asked Ty if we could stop by and see what he was up to sometime and he graciously said yes. We picked up the 2 May boys along the way and left the Little Sweetie home for naptime with Dad. It was definitely a field trip tailor-made for boys!
Mr. Ty started out by showing the boys how to make a line and pass things down the line, rather than just each taking a piece all the way from the pile to the stacking point. This was a bit conceptually challenging for them for a minute or two! Then Mr. T, who was at the end of the line, had to sort the boards according to size into the right pile (with Mr. Ty's help).

Then Mr. Ty did a little lesson for the boys on the various ways his equipment gets power: electricity, battery and via an air compressor. And since this field trip was being led by Mr. Ty, who leads all our children's sermon/children's singing times at church, he also tied in a little lesson on how we all need to be plugged in only to Jesus and to get our power only from him. An unexpected bonus to this great field trip!
Next he showed the boys how he lines up the pieces of wood and how he fits them together (they learned "tongue and groove"!).

And of course everyone had to try the staple gun!

After learning all about what Mr. Ty does, Grandma Kathy showed us how she's living out of her bedroom and how she's stacked all her furniture and belongings into two other rooms. Then she had oranges, granola bars, and microwave popcorn (she has a microwave in her room for food prep) for the boys. Now that's a fun way to end a memorable field trip!
Here are the thank you cards the boys wrote and colored for Ty:
O Boy made sure that he colored in places for Ty to know where to put the tacks in each corner so that he could hang O Boy's picture up!
This is a short book from a series I got on community workers that we read after visiting Ty. It has nice, short sentences and easier words to read and understand.

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