Tuesday, April 05, 2011

First time back to Sandy Beach!

Spring is finally becoming more and more real around here. The snow has melted enough at Sandy Beach that my friend Erin and I thought we'd take our kids out for the first beach trip of the year. After I dressed my kids in snowsuits and lugged hats and gloves there it actually turned out to be an unusually warm day at the beach.
These little tiny boots on Erin's youngest were given to us on our Asia trip by my sister-in-law Linda. I'd never seen such little boots in the US and had been looking for some for tiny O Boy, so she sent them home with us! And they're still being passed around and well used.
There were a few icebergs on the beach that had come in with the tide and stayed when the tide went out. This one was just the right size for little boys to hit, chop and hack at.

It was also shaped just perfectly for some "horse" rides!

Here he is telling me where he and his horse are off to.

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