Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Field Trip: Five Finger Pottery Studio

One of the goals we (the moms in our homeschool group) have set out to try and do this year on field trips is to get around to different people and places in Petersburg so that our kids get to know different, special things about our town. And since we don't have MAJOR destinations to visit we've had to be pretty creative to find places to go. So far, they've all turned out to be just fantastically fun learning experiences. Of course I tended to suggest visiting places that feature large machinery: airport, airport fire trucks etc. Andrea, another mom in our group, was insistent that we visit some local artists. And I am SO glad she was!

Recently we went to visit our local librarian's pottery studio, Five Finger Pottery Studio. In addition to being an amazing librarian, Tara Alcock makes beautiful, functional pieces of pottery in a tiny little basement studio that made all of us moms feel like some 5 yr old child was bound to break something at any moment. But they didn't and Tara gave us a fascinating tour of the process of making pieces of pottery. She even spent time teaching them how to make some items out of clay and sent them home with more clay to play with and finished plates (O Boy is SO proud of his little plate and exclaimed in wonder, "This is my FIRST piece of pottery, EVER!" It now sits in a place of honor next to his bed.) Another great field trip experience. You never know how many wonderful things you can learn in a small town!

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