Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our school week

Since I was under the weather a bit last week we had a pretty relaxed "school" week. It was good for me to remember just how much learning still occurs...even when I'm not in charge of it! :-)

O Boy made this amazing helicopter one morning. It is complete with rotors, cabin and tiny little pipe cleaner skids at the bottom. Pretty amazing!

They had a wonderful lesson in backhoe driving from Mr. Alec one morning. Everyone LOVES seeing either Mr. Bryon drive up with the snowplow or Mr. Alec with the backhoe. Fun! Fun!

Another morning everyone painted different pictures.
Here is O Boy' guessed it: Titanic.

The Little Sweetie insists that this is called "Dad".

And, once again, completely predictably...Mr. T's "biggest monster truck IN THE WORLD."

Mr. T still spends a lot of time lining up his cars (he calls them the Little Crowd) when he's given free time. But now he does very interesting and intricate things while he's doing it; and sometimes even adds in voices and characters. This particular morning he came out to get me to ask me to come back and give him some help.
I was very fascinated to discover that he really wanted to use tape (his idea) to line up his cars nose to nose to make a tunnel. Amazing! So I helped him tear and stick on the tape and he lined up the cars. Then he tried putting two cars together at once in the tunnel. He looked up at me after I took this picture and said something like, "Doesn't fit!" Good discovery!

So he went back to driving just one car through at a time.

A pretty good school week after all!

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McDorky said...

I think O inherited your and Uncle John's artistic abilities! What a great painting!