Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last chance for winter fun

Some friends from church invited us to go snowmachining on the first day of spring break this week. Even though it wasn't technically our spring break (since we'd just taken a week off because of mom being sick!), I decided it was more important to spend a morning having fun and LEARNING all sorts of fun things on the snow machines and save practicing our letters for another time. And boy, did these kids have fun!
It was extra special to spend time with our friends Elias and Tyler Ward.
The big boys are always super silly together.

One of our "designated drivers" was a local guy named Carl (and his dog, Critter). Carl drove snow machines for regular transportation for years way, way up north before retiring recently to the "banana belt" (Petersburg). So when he drives, you hold on for dear life.

Racing Critter

Off for a loop with Mom in the driver's seat. You can see he's already been through some deep snow and he's bracing for more excitement!

I had the most fun when I got to drive (with the Little Sweetie as co-pilot). With just O Boy behind me in the sled we could be more adventurous and go both faster, over bumps and jumps, and through deeper snow. I tried my hardest, but I think I only tipped him over once! Mr. Russ gave him a few lessons in making a flying leap onto a moving sled just in case he had to run behind me to catch up and jump back on the sled. !!

Mr. T and Elias in the driver's seat with Carl.

Zooming away. I had to wear goggles for a while because it was snowing huge, fat snowflakes that were completely covering my glasses!

Off to the races with the Little Sweetie holding on tight.

Check out all the snow he piled up on the last run through some deep powder!

What a great day! Thanks, Mr. Russ and Mr. Beau for inviting us!

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