Friday, March 11, 2011

I guess it was bound to happen

After admittedly chuckling for a few years over the infamous Peter-and-the-permanent-markers story told to me by my cousin Jenny, I guess I was lulled into thinking that no child of MINE would ever do such a thing. And then we had the Little Sweetie!

The other night as we were wrapping up a nice dinner with some people from church, one of the couples new parents to an adorable little baby girl (their first), we noticed that the Little Sweetie had disappeared and gone silent for a few minutes. She is at a stage right now where that should sound off wild alarm bells all over the house. And sure enough, as our guests were getting their coats on to leave I discovered our precious little girl in the bedroom happily drawing with a permanent Sharpie marker. On herself. Next to a big pile of clean laundry. Thankfully she only did one small swipe on a pair of her pants and the cuffs of her jammies. The main damage was to the face. And yes, she did go to church the next day looking faintly like she had a beard. It was probably a good wake-up call for the new parents: don't chuckle about this story for too long! Sweet little helpless infants grow up and all too soon learn to be curious about things like nail polish bottles and Sharpie markers!

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