Saturday, March 05, 2011

First Flight unit: making an airplane

On the last Friday of our First Flight unit we pulled out a piece of cardboard, set it up in the kitchen and went to work with a hot glue gun making the cockpit of a jet (turns out it was a Concorde jet!).
Here is Mr. T cutting out his pilot's cap that he colored over several days. I broke the space up into several circles so that he could color them completely one at a time. Otherwise he just scribbles around wildly!

Here's the top down view of the cockpit and the pilot's doing the pre-flight checklist. O Boy hauled out all his maps to use and here he's looking at this old map of the waters around Juneau.

Pilot O Boy, with cap and headphones on. You can sort of see Pilot Mr. T's wings on his shirt.

Here's a view of the wings, the engines and the headlights glued to the front of the plane.

The two pilots.

Starting up the engine. You can see the buttons and gauges they added. There are levers to push, cds to turn, a radio and microphone to talk into. And they each wrote "Concorde" on their side of the jet to let everyone know what kind of plane it was.

Ready for take-off!

The flagger on the runway (he was set up in front the jet).

Here are a few videos of the pilots in action:

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