Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Flight unit: airport firetrucks field trip

Our next field trip during the airport unit was to visit the airport fire truck and the DOT guys.

This turned out to be an all-boy event and they all had a VERY FUN time.

Here's the crew, posing with Fireman Mike. He did an excellent job patiently showing these excited boys all around, in, out, and over these huge pieces of machinery.

When Rowan, Mr. T and O Boy first walked in and spotted the airport firetruck they all started cheering and shouting!

Huge tires


Buttons, dials and gauges (we recreated this back at home when we made an airport firetruck out of junk stuff).

Trying on the gear

Fireman Mr. T

Fireman Mike graciously gave the boys an actual little ride in the big airport firetruck and shot off the massive hoses!

Next we got to tour the shed where they keep all the humongous runway-clearing equipment. This stuff is supersized to deal with big-time snowfall!

They brush the runways with these metal brushes to spin the snow off to the side and to create friction to help the snow melt.

The big snowblower

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