Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Flight unit: airport field trip

The first field trip we did for the airport unit was to take a behind-the-scenes tour of our local airport. Since we know and love many of the people who work up there, this was a really fun experience. And they did a GREAT job hosting a group of pretty excited kids!

First stop, of course: WEIGH THE BAGS!
Mr. T is checking to see how much he'd have to pay in overage charges.

Darcey showed them how she prints a boarding pass and gets a passenger all checked in on the computer.

Next they got to see how the TSA drug sniffer machine works.

So that's where the bags go!

Next we walked around to the back and everyone got to push the magical red button which advances the luggage back to the staging area where they put it on the tugs. This was an extremely fun activity and went on and on and on and on.

Next stop was out on the runway to watch the Skylar show! He first showed them all the different flagging positions and what they mean.

Here's Mr. T putting in an audition to take over Skylar's position at the airport.

There were so many things I was surprised to see the kids found absolutely fascinating. This was one of them: they all got to crawl through the door where they toss the luggage off the tug and into the airport. AWESOME!

One other fun thing we did while outside was watch Skylar load up one of the huge totes that they pack fish and luggage into. They have this cool machine that transfers, spins, raises and loads these huge totes. And all Skylar has to do is move a few joysticks. Watching this was a big hit.

You can see the excitement and the round of applause they gave him just for lifting and lowering the tote! He's a local hero now!

The airport amigos

Ta-Da! If all TSA screeners could be this entertaining, no one would ever complain. A few Broadway hits mixed into their routines every few minutes would go a long way to help cheer those people up who are waiting in long lines.

At the end they handed out popcorn and answered some really great questions from the kids (like how do airplanes fly!). While all that was going on, Tina and Darcey gave the Little Sweetie some extra front desk lessons.

Making the "better get on the plane!" announcement.

Thanks to all the crew up at the airport who made this such a fun and successful field trip!
You were wonderful!

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McDorky said...

An airport unit is awesome idea! You need to email my dad for the home movie DVD of our dads growing up - it has footage of Grandpa Gordon's airplane that they took all over on trips! It is so awesome...