Thursday, March 17, 2011

Months of the year song

I finally, finally figured out how to post documents I've created to my blog.
Crazy that it's taken so long. Here's the months of the year song/poster that I made to put up.
It is sung to the tune of "10 Little Indians".

Snow machining with the Pfundts

At the end of the week when I was sick, Alec and Teresa Pfundt called up and offered to take the kids for a few hours so that I could rest up. The Little Sweetie stayed inside and did all sorts of fun things with Hayley, and the boys got to go out snowmachining (even to the store for donuts!) for a few hours with Mr. Alec and Torin (Bob). They had an amazing day!

Loading up...

And they're off!

Trying on the helmets back inside. Check out the Little Sweetie's reaction!

Little Miss Me Too

Last chance for winter fun

Some friends from church invited us to go snowmachining on the first day of spring break this week. Even though it wasn't technically our spring break (since we'd just taken a week off because of mom being sick!), I decided it was more important to spend a morning having fun and LEARNING all sorts of fun things on the snow machines and save practicing our letters for another time. And boy, did these kids have fun!
It was extra special to spend time with our friends Elias and Tyler Ward.
The big boys are always super silly together.

One of our "designated drivers" was a local guy named Carl (and his dog, Critter). Carl drove snow machines for regular transportation for years way, way up north before retiring recently to the "banana belt" (Petersburg). So when he drives, you hold on for dear life.

Racing Critter

Off for a loop with Mom in the driver's seat. You can see he's already been through some deep snow and he's bracing for more excitement!

I had the most fun when I got to drive (with the Little Sweetie as co-pilot). With just O Boy behind me in the sled we could be more adventurous and go both faster, over bumps and jumps, and through deeper snow. I tried my hardest, but I think I only tipped him over once! Mr. Russ gave him a few lessons in making a flying leap onto a moving sled just in case he had to run behind me to catch up and jump back on the sled. !!

Mr. T and Elias in the driver's seat with Carl.

Zooming away. I had to wear goggles for a while because it was snowing huge, fat snowflakes that were completely covering my glasses!

Off to the races with the Little Sweetie holding on tight.

Check out all the snow he piled up on the last run through some deep powder!

What a great day! Thanks, Mr. Russ and Mr. Beau for inviting us!

First Flight unit: airport firetrucks field trip

Our next field trip during the airport unit was to visit the airport fire truck and the DOT guys.

This turned out to be an all-boy event and they all had a VERY FUN time.

Here's the crew, posing with Fireman Mike. He did an excellent job patiently showing these excited boys all around, in, out, and over these huge pieces of machinery.

When Rowan, Mr. T and O Boy first walked in and spotted the airport firetruck they all started cheering and shouting!

Huge tires


Buttons, dials and gauges (we recreated this back at home when we made an airport firetruck out of junk stuff).

Trying on the gear

Fireman Mr. T

Fireman Mike graciously gave the boys an actual little ride in the big airport firetruck and shot off the massive hoses!

Next we got to tour the shed where they keep all the humongous runway-clearing equipment. This stuff is supersized to deal with big-time snowfall!

They brush the runways with these metal brushes to spin the snow off to the side and to create friction to help the snow melt.

The big snowblower

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our school week

Since I was under the weather a bit last week we had a pretty relaxed "school" week. It was good for me to remember just how much learning still occurs...even when I'm not in charge of it! :-)

O Boy made this amazing helicopter one morning. It is complete with rotors, cabin and tiny little pipe cleaner skids at the bottom. Pretty amazing!

They had a wonderful lesson in backhoe driving from Mr. Alec one morning. Everyone LOVES seeing either Mr. Bryon drive up with the snowplow or Mr. Alec with the backhoe. Fun! Fun!

Another morning everyone painted different pictures.
Here is O Boy' guessed it: Titanic.

The Little Sweetie insists that this is called "Dad".

And, once again, completely predictably...Mr. T's "biggest monster truck IN THE WORLD."

Mr. T still spends a lot of time lining up his cars (he calls them the Little Crowd) when he's given free time. But now he does very interesting and intricate things while he's doing it; and sometimes even adds in voices and characters. This particular morning he came out to get me to ask me to come back and give him some help.
I was very fascinated to discover that he really wanted to use tape (his idea) to line up his cars nose to nose to make a tunnel. Amazing! So I helped him tear and stick on the tape and he lined up the cars. Then he tried putting two cars together at once in the tunnel. He looked up at me after I took this picture and said something like, "Doesn't fit!" Good discovery!

So he went back to driving just one car through at a time.

A pretty good school week after all!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Now that's what I call an icicle!

Homeschool art class: Valentine project

Doris was in charge of art class the week before Valentine's Day and once again she came up with a brilliantly creative BOY project. Think cutting and hanging silly hearts is only for girls? Not when you color, cut out and add Cars characters to the heart mobiles!
Here's O Boy carefully coloring his picture of one of the Cars characters.

Mr. T and Doris assembling his mobile.

The finished product!

Elijah punching holes to prep his hearts for hanging.

I liked how these looked so much that we made a bunch of these for SS teachers, AWANA leaders and grandparents for Valentine's Day (minus the Cars pictures!). Awesome idea, Doris!