Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wrestle fest: Smith vs. Wilson

On our way down to Portland this Jan. we stopped over in Seattle to spend a few hours with Uncle John, Aunt Missi, Drew and Sam. As usual the only thing the boys really wanted to do with Uncle John was WRESTLE. So, in spite of the fact that people on all sides of us may have been sleeping peacefully in their hotel rooms (hope they got a good price on Price-line), a noisy, crazy wrestle-fest ensued.

My favorite part of this whole evening was watching Mr. Cool Drew hang out on the edges, giving everyone the impression that he really is too old for all this nonsense. Then, as if he just couldn't hold it back any longer, he'd launch himself into the melee with glee. He'd wrestle for a few minutes and then drift off to the side, trying to regain his preteen composure. Then he'd launch back into the fray again. Love that boy!

Here the Wilson team is DEFINITELY winning. Team Smith is completely immobilized.

This looks like a point for Team Smith. Squished by a 4 year old. Sorry, Drew!

I absolutely love these pictures of Sam "sleeping" peacefully on the edge of the hotel bed as pandemonium reigns behind her.

Still sleeping. You can see Mr. T sizing up Drew's move here...

And then trying it out himself, with great success.

This is 100% boy happiness.

Little Sweetie is taking some style tips from her cousin and Auntie!

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