Saturday, February 26, 2011

Uncle and Aunt Potato Head

I did already post these on FB but I thought I'd put them here too since I unlinked my blog from my FB account recently.

O Boy made this fantastic rendition of Uncle Brian and Aunt Julie Salwasser (Uncle Brian is a policeman in Skamania County, WA).

Here is the comments thread from FB about these great creations:

Brian said, "Reach for the skyyyyyyyyyy!!"
I said, " Can you get those dentures in straight, Officer? And how 'bout those ears?"
Brian said, "Those are tactical ears."
Julie said, "I think it is quite accurate. I have always wanted a mint green hat."
Brian said, "Ha ha! Thanks! ...I am sure Brian would look lovely in that hat..."
Christiane said, "I love Brian's BIG smile! And may I say, Julie that you look DIVINE!"
I said, "He wins over the criminal element with the time tested 'wiggle the ears and flip the dentures' trick but keeps the 'cuffs in sight for the tough cases."

This is a rendition of their new baby, Zae:
The comments on FB ran like this:
Baby Isaiah, as portrayed by Mr. T. Well accessorized like mom, gun belt like dad, and a mustache that makes him unique...
Julie said, "Nicce Work Mr. T--I believe he chose our very best assets to include--haha!"
Christiane said, "I LOVE babies with mustaches!"
Brian said, "I pity the foo' who messes with that guy..."

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