Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oregon trip: zoo fun with Johnson girls

One special thing about all big cities is that they feature ZOOS! And since Portland's zoo also features a zoo train, that makes it doubly appealing to not only our boys but their Papa (Grandpa) who loves to go with them. Added to all that fun is the fact that my parents live within walking distance of the new WES commuter train which is fast, cheap and easy to ride to the zoo. All this makes for a very exciting day for little people. This trip I also discovered that the Oregon Zoo was free on MLK Jr. Day, as a way to "give back" to the community. So we jumped at the chance, invited our good friends the Johnsons and hopped on the train.

Here are the boys greeting the WES train as it comes in. They actually know the conductors of these trains because they go so frequently on bike rides with Papa down to the station to watch the trains come in and out throughout the day. One of the conductors even remembered them as "the boys from Alaska" from their summertime visits to say hi to him.
Excitement going through the tunnel. Seriously, our kids would be disappointed with Disneyland after fun like this.
Here's LJ being a very good "big sister" and making sure that the Little Sweetie, daredevil third child that she is, doesn't stray off the train seat.
See? Daredevil.
Since we were a bit too early for the zoo to open we rode the train down to Pioneer Square. We got out and wandered around a bit, taking fun photos along the way. Then we hopped back on the train and went up to the zoo.
One of my favorite exhibits at the zoo is the Lorikeet habitat. These funny, friendly birds come and land all over you and eat right out of your hand.

Looks like she's giving him a lecture about how too much sugar water can be bad for your health.

Probably in a tie with riding the zoo train is the ever popular Eating of the Elephant Ears. Since Papa makes such a big deal about wrestling the elephant down and lopping off an ear single-handedly I think our boys are still fairly convinced that these sweet treats actually do come from elephants. But real elephant or not, you can see how much they love to eat them!
I don't know if they are comparing sizes of elephant ear pieces or discussing whether the sweet treat really did come from an elephant...but whatever the discussion, it looks important!
Hope those gluten-filled elephant ears didn't bring terrible consequences later for the Johnson girls...!
Zoo buddies
Any old zoo can always be made even more perfect by the addition of an ancient tractor to climb on.
The Little Sweetie is not too happy about sharing the limelight (and gear shifters) with the big kids.
That sheep looks like he'd like to taste O Boy's Koosh!
My boys look forward to riding the zoo train equally as much as they do just going to the zoo. So the fact that the zoo was free (since it was MLK Jr. Day) made it even more obvious that we'd just have to ride on the zoo train.
Zoo train crew - ooooooh yeah!
Love that zoo train.
Zooming by the elephants in the zoo train. I think this is the first time the Little Sweetie has ever seen real elephants!
Good thing we don't live in the part of Alaska with polar bears!

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