Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oregon trip: trip to the donut store

One of the guaranteed activities (popular with both grandpa and grandkids) while we're in Oregon is the trip to the donut store (or, sometimes, the TRIPS to the donut STORES). Papa has now discovered at least two favorite donut stores and just loves taking his two early-riser grandsons (in jammies) out to get donuts before everyone else gets up. Believe me, this event is looked forward to and discussed all year long at our house.

Always a tough choice.

The jammies crew

Donut smiles for Dad in Haiti, where he wasn't eating donuts!

Surprisingly, the Little Sweetie wasn't actually sure what to do with this explosion of sugar we handed her and didn't even finish her piece! She'll learn after a few years how to be a donut fan.

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