Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oregon trip: A night with Udai

My parents have had a wonderful Japanese seminary student named Udai boarding with them for the last year or so. Our kids adore him and have called him all variations on his name - Mr. T usually calls him Rubai and the Little Sweetie called him Boobai all summer. He's a very good sport about it! Since we were in Oregon for 7 weeks this summer and then again in Jan. for 10 days, he's gotten to know our kids very well! He's getting married in February so he's also had lots of questions about raising kids and parenting. One evening while I was down in January my mom and I went to a Perspectives on World Missions class for the evening and left dad and Udai to entertain and put the kids to bed. It was a crash course in parenting for Udai.

Udai is an excellent musician and leads music at the Japanese church where he works. The kids always loved having him play for them.
These very American kids love nothing more than to tackle and wrestle him.
This was not a part of his childhood in Japan. !! As you can see, he puts up with it very patiently.
According to my dad, Udai spent about 5 minutes brushing each child's teeth, all the while lecturing them on the importance of good dental care.
Looks like he tired them out!

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