Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oregon trip: Buster's BBQ with the Wilson family

Uncle Dave giving "How to Be A Cowboy" lessons.

The 3 Cowpokes, toughened up by years on the trail.

I know she's thinking, "If I just ignore those 2 hombres behind me, they'll saddle up and ride off into the sunset."

This is one of the many things boy cousins and uncles are excellent at: introducing their little cousin/nephews to the wide world of arcade games!

I know Jake and Pete were just as excited as Mr. T and O Boy. Just look at their faces!

Cousin Pete trying to keep him on the straight and narrow. It wasn't easy because our boys thought it was hilarious to crash!

Now here's something every Alaskan boy can get excited about: a shooting game!

High five for the sharp shooter!

That's some intense concentration!

Of course Mom had to try too, but again, with Mr. T as co-driver we crashed A LOT.

Can you hear our tires squealing as we try to make that corner?

Brake! Brake! Brake!

Here's O Boy showing Bobbalou and Papa his blue tongue, thanks to a ring pop he pulled out of one of those grabber arcade games. It should be noted for the historical record that O Boy and I had spent the entire morning at the doctor's office (just before the BBQ lunch). He had been on and off sick (with stomach issues) since Christmas and so Phil and I decided it was time to take him into the doctor finally. He was just too lethargic with dark circles under his eyes and low grade stomach problems. The doctor recommended we put him on a bland (rice, jello) diet and bring in a stool sample to check out. I dutifully packed up rice and jello to take to the restaurant...and never fed it to him. It just seemed ridiculous to ask our almost-5 yr old to eat rice and jello while everyone else was hogging down immense quantities of meat slathered in sauce. So he ate a corndog (or hot dog?), Oreos, fries, lemonade and candy. We never turned in the stool sample and he honestly started to turn around from that point on. I think it was all the preservatives and chemicals he got, fire hose fashion, that day. We should probably thank Buster's BBQ.

Wonderful grandson Peter taking great care of Bobbalou.

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