Saturday, February 12, 2011

O Boy's tanker birthday party in Oregon

First time meeting my adorable nephew Zae! He looks just as thrilled as I do!

"Dis my baby Zaiah!"

A little too much lovin' from the cousins!!

I think she's asking me if she can kiss him. "I tiss? I tiss?"

And he patiently puts up with yet another kiss from an adoring fan. Note my deathgrip on the Little Sweetie, making sure that a little kiss (and not a bear-hug mauling) are what she gives him.

Despite the fact that this looks vaguely like a wake, it was in fact intended instead just to point to the fact that it was O Boy's birthday.
The centerpiece tankers were all made by O Boy. The blue tablecloth used to be Bobbalou's and was Mimi's idea. Along with the funeral parlor-inspired pictured display. :-)

I must be giving baby Zae his first nutrition lecture. He looks terrified. Perhaps I mentioned broccoli too early in his life?

Aunt Julie rolled in and immediately encouraged/assisted the boys in making a fort which took over the entire living room. Nice! Did she stay to help take it back down again? I don't remember...must have been time to change a diaper or something.

Sweet baby with his great-grandma

Playing with the birthday present: Mr. Potato Head.

The official tanker cake. I don't know why I spend so much time agonizing over and making special cakes for my kids. O Boy was much happier to draw out (on paper) his plan of what the "tanker" needed to look like and then reproduce it with decorating gel on top of the cake. I really have only the faintest idea of what all these squiggles and things represent but to him it was the most amazing tanker (in a storm) that had ever been drawn on a cake. He was EXTREMELY proud.

Uncle Brian's mini-me, made by O Boy.

The tanker centerpieces

O Boy also drew placemats for each of the kids to use, though you can't really see them. He had requested a green cake, and Mimi came through on that one with flying colors.

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