Sunday, February 27, 2011

O Boy's slingshot birthday party

For almost a year, O Boy has been insisting that he is going to have a tanker birthday party. He loves tankers and is sure he'll be a tanker captain someday. Then Aunt Julie gave him a super cool slingshot as an early bday present while we were down in Portland and everything changed. Suddenly he decided he wanted a slingshot birthday party. Now, I can make a tanker cake and probably even come up with a few tanker games. But slingshots??

Thankfully, God brought many helpful, creative people and websites into my path over the last month who gave many good ideas on how to bring this crazy idea to life. I'm mostly thankful to my hubby who was willing to go ahead with the plan! For the actual party we started by ordering a dozen cheap slingshots from Oriental Trading Co. Then we began brainstorming different obstacles and stations they could shoot through, into, on or over. In the end we just set these up in a big circle around our church chapel area. As each kid came in they got a slingshot, a balled up sock, and a lesson on how to use the slingshot from Phil. Then we just let them go at it! There were socks flying everywhere! It was very casual and very fun. Here are a few shots of the different stations we put up for the kids to aim at:

This is O Boy with the slingshot that started it all off.

Mr. T and another boy decided that it was more fun to just throw socks at the targets rather than use the slingshots and even they had fun!

Here's BW showing me that it's a lot more fun to just fall into the blocks and knock them over, rather than shoot them down with a slingshot!

Of course you can't have a slingshot birthday without a slingshot cake. I have to admit, in all my years of intricate and crazy cake making for these boys, this was by far my easiest yet! I think it took about 10 minutes total! I used fruit leather, Twizzlers and a jelly bean for the details. The rest is just a plain chocolate cake cut into the shape of a slingshot!
I asked Phil to help by getting plates and napkins and he decided that camo was really the only way to go for a slingshot birthday party! Perfect!

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