Saturday, February 12, 2011

Misc. Fun in Oregon

Even though we were in Oregon, the Beloved Thomas Friends came along. In our home, any well-loved stuffed animal is called a Thomas friend since, in O Boy's words, "I love Thomas the tank engine and they do too."
So Mr. T brought Hospital Bear (from his tonsillectomy this summer) and Otter (not in picture).
And O Boy brought his faithful friend Sheepy.
The Little Sweetie was delighted to discover that Mimi and Papa had broadened their toy stock to include some very fun girl toys. They included this stroller which logged many miles while she was in Portland.
Our Bobbalou (my grandmother, their great grandma) was in a hospice center not far from my parents' home while we were in town so the boys and Papa travelled over one day during the Little Sweetie's naptime to say hi to Bobbalou. O Boy took along a cool Lego spaceship he'd built to show her and they took her on a tour of the zoo via the pictures that Papa had taken on our zoo trip.
One morning the Little Sweetie got to be the second chef in command in the kitchen while Papa made pancakes. It looks like she's trying to convince him to turn to the waffles page instead.
I tried her very first headband on her to try keeping some of that pretty, wispy hair out of her eyes. She froze and wouldn't move, as if she felt like it would fall out if she moved even an inch. As you can see the "keeping the hair out of the eyes" plan wasn't working so well.
Yum, syrup straight from the pitcher. Why was Papa taking pictures and not STOPPING her from doing this!?! :-)

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