Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making Santa's sleigh

Several weeks ago O Boy came up with a plan to make Santa's sleigh in our living room. I found this fascinating for several reasons. One is that we don't make a big deal about Santa at our house (kind of hard to say that Santa is coming to your house when there is no chimney...!), though we don't avoid the topic altogether. Another reason is that he chose an alligator to be Santa. And Santa is wearing a fire coat. The elves, you will note, are actually balled up socks with faces drawn on them. Gotta love washable markers. I've turned bunnies into raccoons before with washable markers as well. Favorite stuffed animal Sheepy of course got to ride along with Santa in the sleigh. And I think Santa is carrying the lacing "S" for some particular reason - maybe because of his name? His beard was looking a bit droopy in this picture - it was hard to get it to stay in place.

The sleigh getting hooked up with all the reind...oh wait! Those are bears, monkeys, moose and dogs. And the ever-present bungie cords.

Ready for the Big Night. He actually made our slide into "Santa's House" but I didn't get around to taking pictures of it. And, as usual with O Boy, the process was far more fun than the product and he didn't spend much time actually playing with the sleigh set up. He just wanted to build it.

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