Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Sweetie turns 2!

There were 3 sweet little girls born to 3 friends two years ago, just weeks apart. So now that they are all turning two, we three moms decided to go with one "big" party, rather than 3 separate ones. Since two of the girls are little sisters of big brothers, we moms wanted to do a very girly party. So we all combined efforts and came up with a very simple, very fun butterfly party for our 3 sweet little butterflies. I found wings for each of the girls down in Portland, Megan made amazing cupcakes, Mary hosted and decorated. The girls got very girly gifts including their first fingernail/toenail polish sets and fun fluffy skirts. The Little Sweetie was pretty shy and serious at first but warmed up after a while and had lots of fun on this very special 2 year old birthday. Thanks Megan and Mary for helping make this an amazing Mommy/daughter memory! Wonder what we'll come up with for next year?

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