Saturday, February 26, 2011

Late February Snow fun

Uncle Scott Gotter would be proud of Mr. T's mountain climbing abilities! To the top!
He's all about safety first - especially when on the peak of a steep sided snow slope!
This year the boys discovered that they could get some good air jumping off the pile of snow at the end of our driveway. This pile just keeps getting higher and higher as it keeps snowing and Mr. Bryon, our faithful snowplow man, keeps piling it up!

Here she's shouting "I did it!" Finally she can climb to almost the same heights as her brothers!

Now that's some good jumping form.

They decided to check out the hiding place in the woods officially known as "the Fort." I was of course recruited to come along. The only problem was that, with all the snow both on the branches hanging down and piled up on the ground, the crawl space to get to "the Fort" was barely big enough for us to squeeze through. Did that deter them? Not for one second!
Our snow angels: O Boy
Little Sweetie
Mr. T
We had several weeks of warmer weather and rain a while back which brought our snow charts down to a half inch (on the lawn) and zero (on the deck) at one point. No fun! So we were thankful for this fresh batch of beautiful snow which shot their chart lines up to 13 and 15 inches! This is O Boy measuring the lawn.
I came inside to see what Mr. T was up to on the deck and found him out there like this:
(after I stopped laughing I just had to snap a picture)
The last time we went sledding on the loooooooong airport hill the Little Sweetie decided that she not only wanted to sled by herself but also carry her own sled all the way back up to the top. She was pretty adamant about it too! "I go 'self!"

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