Saturday, February 12, 2011


O Boy has been working on and off for several weeks on a gun that he made out of a wrapping paper tube. But recently he decided that it needed to actually shoot - pretending just wasn't enough for him anymore. He tried mightily to make it shoot on his own, using all sorts of creative things from zip ties and tape to cut up pieces of cds. And it just didn't really "shoot" the way he wanted it to. Mostly whatever he'd chosen as a bullet kind of just dribbled out the end. So I turned the project over to Dad, hoping he'd come up with a good idea. And did he ever! They rummaged around in his storage area and found an old mop or broom handle that fit just perfectly into the tube. Then they loaded it up with dozens of puff balls and whammo! The gun shoots! Here's a shot of the gun in action and all the excitement that it generates. I think there are still a few puff balls hidden around our loft from this project.

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