Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ice Towers

A few years ago I made ice people with O Boy and blogged about it here. We haven't come back to it since then so I thought we'd try it this year. It's still a "pile them up as quickly as you can and get back inside" activity because of the cold. Maybe someday they will appreciate the art aspect and actually try to experiment with different stacking combinations. :-) Even still, the finished result is always mysteriously beautiful.

The first step was the fun one of filling up all the containers and putting them out to freeze.
When we made these last there wasn't any snow on the ground (and I actually had to resort to freezing our containers in the freezer!). This year we had very cold temps and tons of snow on the ground to be the "glue" between the pieces of our towers. That made the stacking a lot easier! You could just dip an ice shape in the snow and then stick in onto another ice shape and Presto! They would stick together!

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