Saturday, March 12, 2011

Homeschool PE class: airplanes

We've done a few PE classes now with a flying/airplanes theme because there are just SO many great activities to do on this theme. The only problem is that they usually involve zooming around the room so we don't get many good pictures!

This activity is actually one of Mr. T's therapy tasks that I transformed into an airplane activity so that it would be both more motivating and fit our theme! It's basically a core building activity where you have to be in all fours, with a flat back, and then lift the opposite arm and leg slowly up and down (without tipping the animal on your back off). Mr. T almost couldn't do it, or he would tip over, when we started doing it at the beginning of our airplane unit. Now he is much more stable. All the kids had fun trying it in our PE class. The way we turned it into an airplane activity was this: each kid got to choose a "passenger" (one of the animals). The goal of the game was to NOT let your passenger fall off. Then we'd say "take off!" and tell them which arm or leg (or both) to lift up and down. It was pretty fun!

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