Saturday, February 26, 2011

First taste of adrenaline

A few weeks ago we went over to decorate cookies at our friend JC's house. She has a HUGE driveable jeep that is really meant for outside. Of course our boys wanted to drive it inside. The Cooks may never get all the dents and dings out of their walls.
O Boy went into absolutely hysterical laughter at the bumping, banging craziness that ensued when he and JC were in the car. It was exceptionally crazy mostly due to the fact that O Boy steered and JC pushed the gas pedal - whenever O Boy least expected it! So they were jerking and crashing all over the room. Hopefully he'll remember this lesson when he turns 16: it's never a good idea to have more than one person at the controls of a car.
But it sure is funny!

I wish I had a video of him and JC. I'm not sure I've ever seen O Boy laughing so completely hysterically. Now we know how adrenaline affects him.

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