Friday, February 25, 2011

Clifford Unit: Vet clinic

One day during our Clifford unit we built a very well-equipped vet clinic in our office! With O Boy, as usual, in the imagination lead, they transformed cans of olives into medicine jars, hammers into otoscopes and even made a machine to catch vomit out of a foot pump for air mattresses! Like I said, well-equipped. Even though our kids typically have more fun building imaginary worlds than playing in them, this set up made for some pretty fun prolonged play that even the Little Sweetie was able to get in on. I was very impressed at Mr. T's stamina for this game as well, especially since he had to wear so much gear to be a vet (something he's not usually willing to do!). But he was really able to play out specific roles, like being the guy in charge of surgeries. In between bringing new animals in to be examined I snapped some shots of the action...

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