Sunday, January 02, 2011

Toddler time

Several weeks ago when all the boys were at AWANA I started thinking about some of the many things I did with the boys when they were toddlers that I haven't gotten to yet with the Little Sweetie! This is partly because the boys were almost like twins, and therefore it was easier to do things with them together. But mostly it's because they're now so much older that I don't often think about things like fingerpainting. So I decided to let her fingerpaint. We also got out some cool new sponge stamps that her Aunt Linda sent her for Christmas. It was a fun toddler time!

She definitely took a while getting her hands really into the paint (in contrast to her brothers who usually dive in immediately).

She loved the stamps! She would sop up the paint with them and then watch it all ooze out again as she squeezed and squeezed.

Now she's into it!

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