Friday, January 28, 2011

More sledding fun

On a clear, cold day in December we decided to spend our weekly h'school get together being outside since it was so nice! So we tried out a new sledding hill and had tons of fun. The path behind the ballfield featured some technical difficulty (2 little turns!) and presented the challenge: who could make it all the way to the road?

The first turn was the one you had to make...
...or you ended up like this!

...and this!

Andrea rockin' the wool man-pants. Fashion and function in one pair of amazing pants.

Doris and her crew make the turn!

But things aren't looking so good for Mr. T and VW...

Yep, we could see that coming!

Sad snow faces!

A little bite of snow makes everything better.

Happy times with Mom...

Half the fun of this sledding run for the kids was finding new ways to run off the path at breakneck speed and end up buried in the snow!

Here are some fun shots of cold and red snow faces after a long day sledding!

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