Sunday, January 02, 2011

Little Sweetie's "first" Sunday School class

Several weeks ago the Sunday School class that the Little Sweetie and I attend wasn't meeting. So we decided to look next door to see what the toddler class was up to, since she can technically join in this class in just a few months. The amazing and brave Miss Sarah, who was teaching, was having all the kids decorate and eat Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes. What a fun day to join in! After a while I reflected that, had this been Mr. T or O Boy's "first" day in a SS class I would have probably been snapping dozens of pictures to commemorate the occasion. As it happened, I actually had my camera at church that day for another reason. So I was able to record the memory for my third child as well!

Eating the frosting was just as fun as spreading it.


The big kids are singing "Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!"

Not sure what to do about this candle business.

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