Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thanksgiving PE class

For our "PE" class that was around Thanksgiving time I did some food and turkey themed activities with them.
This is an activity shamelessly borrowed from Mr. T's PT therapy plan: crabwalk kicking. The goal here was to help the farmer (me) feed my turkey (the tub - it did have a vaguely turkey -looking face on it) by kicking the food (balls) into its mouth. This takes a lot of core and arm strength and they definitely tired out quickly on this activity. It's harder than it looks.

The Little Sweetie jumping on the mat.
We also did a pre-jumproping activity (just jumping back and forth over a stationary line) to this jump rope chant:
Jelly in the bowl
Jelly in the bowl
Wiggle waggle wiggle waggle
Jelly in the bowl

And we finished off with some more food rolls. They are getting really good at these. Tonight after Mr. T got his teeth brushed he asked to do some pizza rolls down the hall. :-)

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