Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sledding fun Fall 2010

We always look forward with much excitement to the first days of great sledding!

Gearing up for a death-defying sandwich run.
The lazy man's way to sled: an eager neighbor-boy was happy to drive his ATV up and down the hill, pulling us, so that we didn't have hike back up.

The Little Sweetie and her sidekick decided to try out the handmade sled our friends brought. They actually made it partway down the hill with RSL hanging onto the back for dear life and the Little Sweetie holding on in the seat for dear life!

Sledding buddies
No better place to play than in this beautiful setting

A sandwich run by O Boy and friend TB
They decided to try and go down with all 3 sleds side-by-side. You can imagine how this is going to turn out...

There was a pretty immediate swerve and crash by the two crazy purple sledders.
But they're ready to try it again!

The Little Sweetie discovered that the hill was steep and slick enough for her to start at the top on her tummy and make her way all the down the hill almost without stopping. She'd paddle her little arms in the snow to keep herself going and then scramble back up the hill again for another slide. She was happy and mom was happy; it was the safest way for her to get down the hill!

After a few days of helping O Boy launch, he decided that he can go solo this year. He takes his sled up and down the hill and launches himself now: all by himself!

Here Becky is holding onto Mr. T, who is behind her, because she thought he was tumbling off the sled the whole way down!

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