Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ray and Lyn's last visit

Recently we had to say goodbye to some very dear friends, Ray and Lyn Fish. They are closing out their time in ministry in Alaska and moving elsewhere to see what God has for them next. We've been tremendously blessed by their service, their faithfulness, and most of all their friendship. They have been fun and steadfast friends who have shared some very special moments with us. Lyn traveled down with me to await the Little Sweetie's birth and they have participated in many special family times (like kids' birthdays) as a beloved adopted aunt and uncle. We'll miss their humor and their love! Our kids will miss wrestling Mr. Ray (who was called LynBo for the longest time by Mr. T - a mix of Lyn's name and our friend Beau's name!)

Here we all are on their last Sunday in Petersburg.

One of the last activities we did with them was to go sledding. It's a great way to end your time in Alaska before moving to sunny Arizona!

Who is steering that sled?!

I'm not sure who is having more fun: Mr. Ray or O Boy.

Here they go again!

Ready to launch...

At the finish line!

Pure excitement.

You can see how steep and slick this hill was by how they are climbing up!
It made for some fast sledding.


Catching some good air:

This must be a new technique...

Holding on to the Little Sweetie mid-zoom:

Remember this picture when it gets past 100 degrees this summer in AZ, Ray and Lyn!

Just before they left, they came over to say good-bye one more time.
The boys REALLY didn't want to let Mr. Ray leave!

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