Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PE class: raccoon tag

These are pictures of the PE class we did while our family was studying the Night Tree. So many of the activities were centered around Christmas/eating/trees etc.

One of the activities I had them do that we'd already tried at home and enjoyed was the crabwalk/kick over the tree activity.
Since there are a lot of forest animals in Night Tree we also pulled out an old favorite game from the beginning of the year called Raccoon Tag. Here we are all lining up to get our tails in (O Boy is the Fox - with the stocking cap on). In this game all the animals go to sleep in the forest. Someone shouts "There's a fox on the loose!" or something like that and everyone wakes up and runs like crazy all over the place until all the raccoons have had their tails pulled and they die a terrible death. I think their favorite part about this game is the dying-a-terrible-death part.
Raccoons are asleep...
And the hunt is on!

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