Saturday, December 04, 2010

Merry Christmas, Phil!

Phil's Christmas present to himself :-) arrived a few weeks ago and it was a pretty exciting moment as Dad and the kids opened up the box to find out just what was inside.

The noisy bubble wrap was a momentary distraction from the main event.

Looks like they could take up bubble wrap line-dancing!
The big moment! Look at O Boy's face! I wish I could have captured his expression from the other direction. They kept saying, "What is it?!" and "WOW!"
Getting the "You can't touch this unless Daddy allows you to" lecture.

Little Sweetie anticipating what she thinks will be "noisy" (a new favorite word).

First french horn lessons. This would be a great oral motor exercise if it
weren't so hard for Mr. T. Maybe someday.

The rest of the evening was spent watching the intro DVD and watching Dad get back into good playing form. He's just renting this horn until he decides if this life stage is going to include some space for regular french horn playing. I was struck by the huge difference between the last time he played and practiced the french horn (in high school) and now, with 3 excited kids crawling all over him wanting to learn right alongside and watching every move he makes. Fun times!

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