Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello, Sue-Mimi

The other week when all the boys were at AWANA, the Little Sweetie and I called her great-grandma, Sue-Mimi. The Little Sweetie is now old enough that she had great fun chatting away to Sue Mimi. She was very happy to not have to share the phone with her older brothers! To "show" Sue-Mimi different things around the room she would turn the phone out and point it at whatever she was describing and say, "Wook! Sue-Mimi! Wook! (Look!)" One of her favorite things to comment on are any lights she can see which are turned off and therefore, in her opinion, "Boken!" (broken) She loves to hold the phone out and explain, "Light boken!" even though the person on the other end has no way of seeing what she sees!

At the end of her conversation she gave her Sue-Mimi (who she is named after) a good-night kiss.

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