Thursday, December 02, 2010

Harvest Party 2010

The focus this year was on being thankful for the harvest. The youth group put together a great line up of games and a cool slideshow featuring harvest pictures, songs and verses that played during the Harvest party. So everyone was encouraged to come dressed up as someone who harvests in some way. This generated some fascinating and creative costumes.

Here are Osteen and Obama - each harvesters of money in their own special way.
Mr. T doing buoy bowling.

Joel and Victoria O.
buoy bowling
Several of the games the youth group hosted were inspired by the native Olympics games played by Alaskan natives. In this one you have to flip your feet up and kick the sock.
The baby bunny is ready for the fishing pond.
In this game you have to propel yourself forward by jumping with your hands and feet in this bearwalk position. It's VERY challenging.
Mr. Nick said he came as a "wanna-be logger"
Little Sweetie (bunny), Mr. T (elephant), O Boy (soldier) and friends
We connected their costumes to the theme by saying that bunnies harvest other peoples' gardens, elephants help harvest the forests in Thailand and soldiers harvest the spoils of war!
In this game you have to try and pull your opponent across a line pulling only with your foot.
The winner!
Crawler races

Here they were trying to pull into a standing position by pulling away from each other and pushing against each other's feet.

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