Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas tree hunt 2010

Several days before the big Christmas tree hunt O Boy was hard at work on a hunting outfit...just in case we might see some wild animals. In the end he came up with a helmet and visor, belt to hold: whip (made of the twirly straw), bucket of bullets (broken pieces of old cds), and an arrow he found outside a year or so ago. In his snow suit he tucked an old pair of socks (to be used as gloves). He carried his shot gun (made from a tube of wrapping paper) and his bow (made by mom at the very last minute in the car on the way to get the tree). He did all this so that he could protect us in case we had any run-ins with wild animals. At home he left a chart all ready and waiting so that he could list all the animals he was going to see.

Therefore, it was very sad when we discovered him visibly shutting down once we got out the road and started hiking around looking for a tree. At first, we though he might just be tired and cold. As time passed it became pretty clear he was really sick! The poor little guy had a fever by the time we got home and slept the rest of the afternoon.
Here he is dragging back to the car...

The tree made a great toy to bounce on while we waited for other trees to get picked out and cut down.
This was the Little Sweetie's first tree hunt to be an active participant in (she didn't get hauled around in a backpack). Although, as we pushed farther and farther back into the frozen muskeg to get the "perfect" tree I was regretting having left the backpack behind!
It really didn't look that big on top of our car.
Hot chocolate break for the girls
Quick family photo before O Boy totally crashed in the car. You can see how blech he feels.
The final result! Thanks again for going with us, Kandolls and Beau! It's our biggest tree yet and a beautiful one that we enjoy every day. I'm still not sure how Phil got the star on top.

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Jenny said...

LOVE your tree! O-boy's outfit is awesome. I think that someday you'll have to make him a photo book dedicated to his dress up outfits and card board box creations! He has some serious creativity.