Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas again last year but were yet again plagued by sickness. This year there seemed to be a stomach bug going around that hit just about every 5 (or almost 5) year old boy we knew. And only them! No one else in our family got this stomach bug, but it hung on to our resident almost 5 year old for several days. It meant that, after waking up twice Christmas eve to clean up after O Boy, we were all ready to lay around all Christmas Day.

We had our big dinner on Christmas Eve this year because we thought O Boy was all better and we thought we would be spending Christmas Day for soup and singing at the Kandoll's. 'Twas not to be!

This year on Christmas morning I did something I'd been thinking about doing for several years, I'd just never gotten around to it. I put a baby Jesus out in a manger (picnic basket) with some notes for the kids to read before they opened presents. laid plans. O Boy was sick much of the night so he slept in very late on Christmas morning and we parents were totally exhausted when the morning arrived! So the plan didn't work as I expected. But the Little Sweetie loved playing with Baby Jesus. This is what he looked like after she appeared on the scene:

Sleeping with Baby Jesus:

These sunglasses were one of last year's Christmas presents and they're still one of her most favorite things to wear.

Mom is not ready to start opening presents...

One fun thing the boys got were some slide whistles. Mr. T of course immediately wanted to organize a parade, which he did. Thankfully O Boy was feeling up to participating. They marched up and down the house before moving on to their next presents.

Anytime a present turns out to be a book, all action stops while Dad reads the new arrival! You can see Mr. T was still enamored with his slide whistle.

Two of the favorite presents were "tumble buggies" from Sue-Mimi and Bampah (Great Grandparents). They are those jeeps that hit obstacles, flip, and keep on going. Here's the Little Sweetie trying desperately to catch one before it goes under the tree...

But she didn't catch it! You can see it zipping off camera on the left side of the picture. She decided to follow it by going under the tree after it! You can see from O Boy's expression that he was enjoying watching her attempts to catch it.

The Little Sweetie got her own crazy "chase me" toy: a Zhu Zhu pet hamster. That thing might possibly be the smartest toy we now own. It's amazing how it senses obstacles and zips around. Lots of fun for the almost 2 year old in the house to chase!

We also found a neat cake online that we made as our Happy Birthday Jesus cake. It's kind of like the gospel bracelet, with all the colors representing different symbols. It's not magnificently pretty but it was delicious, fun to make, and it was a teaching tool that was extremely exciting and fun for the kids.

The brown represents our sin.
The red represents Jesus' blood, which paid for our sins.
The white represents how we are completely forgiven and washed clean by his death on the cross.
The green represents the new life He gives us.
The yellow reminds us to look forward to when He returns to live with us in the new Heaven and new Earth.

I had fun asking O Boy what kinds of decorations he wanted on the top, from stars to a sun, to the letter J. He wanted to know how many candles we should put..."How old is Jesus?" We settled on one for each spike off the sun.

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